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Specialized in kitchen, basement, bathroom remodeling and a host of other home improvement services, our team at City Painters LLC has over 15 years of combined experienced providing practical and prime quality solutions to meet all of the needs of our residential and commercial customers in the communities across Maryland.

We offer custom kitchen remodeling service to fit your kitchen to your modern life style by adding functionality and style. We offer a host of solutions to ensure you are left with the kitchen that you have long been dreaming of.

We offer aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom remodels to make of bathrooms completely comfortable and fully functional spaces that will require minimal upkeep on your part.

At City Painters LLC we provide basement remodels to ensure you are able to make the most out your basement living area by adding architectural design, style, and functionality. Your basement will look and feel as a natural extension of your overall living area.

We provide interior and exterior painting services with lasting quality for our residential and commercial customers. We are equipped with an extensive experience and advanced techniques to add to your living and workable spaces style and aesthetic appeal. As part of your painting project we prepare, patch, prime, and paint the corresponding surfaces in your home, office, or building with utmost attention to detail and precision.

City Painters Company provides its residential and commercial customers practical solutions for all of their internal and external drywall and plaster installation, finishing, replacement, and repair needs. We apply advanced techniques and procedures to give you high-grade, flawless results that stand the test of time and to ensure a perfect fit and an absolutely smooth finish and surfaces. Our full range of drywall and plaster services include everything from the construction of custom structures, such as columns and arched ceilings, to plaster boarding and rendering.

We offer high quality hardwood and ceramic tile floor installation, repair, restoration and refinishing services for all of your home or property’s interior floors to give your living or workable spaces the spectacular look you deserve. We assist you with selecting the hardwood or ceramic tile type and style that best suits your preferences and needs and your living or workable space(s)’ architectural design.

Do you need to get rid of a bad and unpleasant look created by an unstylish, outdated, or unpleasant wallpaper? We’ve got you cover. We’ve performed wallpaper removals countless times for a myriad of different residential and commercial customers and properties. We, thus, use highly reliable techniques, procedures, and equipment that allow us to remove your wallpaper in no team and with zero damage to your walls and property. We offer your precision, promptitude, and projection of your property.

Improve the look of your home or building’s interior spaces with our carpet installation services aspect of the installation. Our knowledgeable and experienced specialists will assist you in selecting the material, textures, and colors that better suit your project and style. Additionally, we install your carpet with outmost precision and with minimal seams to give you an immaculate look and to ensure the durability of your carpet.

We provide a full range of roofing services, including installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance for residential and commercial properties alike to ensure you have an upkept roof that adds curb appeal and that permanently protects your home or property. We have experience working with roofing materials and types of all kinds. With our recurring and nonrecurring maintenance and repair services we cover all damages to your roof, including leaks of all sizes and scopes

Our team provides residential and commercial siding services to remake your property’s exterior appeal and to add a durable line of defense against weather and outdoor elements. We perform siding installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. With our extensive knowledge and experience we’ll assist you with selecting the right siding style, material, and quality and we’ll provide you with flawless end results that will give your home or property and immaculate look and proper security for years to come.

Our team at City Painters LLC provides proper installation and sealing of your home or property’s windows to help you safeguard your safety, health, and wellbeing and to optimize your property’s energy efficiency. We do not only perform window installations and upgrades. We also perform repair, framing, and trim services for homes, offices, and commercial buildings that cover all of your windows. No matter their type and style. Our talented and knowledgeable specialists we will guide you through choosing the products that are the most reliable and durable and that best match your project, as well as your needs and preferences.

We offer a complete range of deck services to ensure you are able to fully enjoy your exterior spaces throughout the entire year and your deck’s life is optimized, including deck installation, restoration, staining, sealing, coating, resurfacing, finishing, pressure washing, repair, and recurring or nonrecurring maintenance. Your deck as well as your other exterior elements are constantly exposed to harsh weather elements and to wear and tear of regular use, but with our combined experience, advanced techniques, and state-of-the-art technology we are able to help you preserve and protect it from all these factors.

With our residential and commercial power washing services your exterior elements’ look can be restored to a like-new state and protected from further accumulation of corrosive elements that degrade your property. As part of our power washing services, we service all of your exterior surfaces and structures, including siding, woodwork, concrete, and stone surfaces. We pay utmost attention to detail and ensure your property’s integrity is completely safeguarded when we apply pressure washing techniques.

We provide year-round service, installations, repairs, and replacements of your home or property’s gutter system to ensure it is properly functioning and to fully protect your home or property. We will perform a thorough inspection of your system to ensure we give you optimal and practical solutions. all of your system’s elements will be left in impeccable state, including its downspouts and gutters. Our experience includes working with all gutter materials, including metal products of all types. As such, we will assist you with choosing the most reliable and materials that meet your needs and preferences.

Our team at City Painters LLC provides prime quality and highly reliable finishes for all concrete surfaces, whether in residential or commercial properties. With our staining services we will improve your concrete surfaces look by adding style. With our experience and techniques, we will provide you end results that stand the test of time so that your concrete surfaces do not lose their aesthetic appeal.

We offer home additions to enhance the overall functionality and feel of your home or property. Our additions will naturally extend your living or workable spaces thus creating harmonious atmospheres that will radiate style and comfort. We add everything from office spaces to bedrooms and bathrooms and from media and entertainment rooms to additional sunrooms and kitchen additions. Whatever your project entails, we provide you with a personalized service to ensure your addition fits your modern life style.

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